Shades of Dark

I have come to the realisation that my art work has no extreme shades of dark mixed with the light shades…it’s lacking drama. So my new challenge over the weekend was to practice adding shades of dark. When it comes to drawing in charcoal I don’t have problems except with adding shading to faces, I haven’t found it as easy using colour.

Here are some of my practice pieces.








Thought you might want to have a peak in my studio where I get creative.

Really it’s pic of only one side of the room as the other side is windows for plenty of good lighting.

IMG_0670     IMG_0661

IMG_3333       IMG_0660


.   image      image

I know I should be adding more to my blog every week but I can’t seem to get myself to stop doing my art long enough to do blogs. Does anyone else in the art world have this problem Or is it just me?

Anyway here is a peak at some of my girls that I have been working on.

image?     image


image      image

I also have been very busy doing an online art course with Jane Davenport whom I absolutely LOVE. She is an amazing art teacher, VERY INSPIRING, and I LOVE her art because of course it’s exactly what I want to be doing. So you may notice some subtle or not so subtle changes in my art as I learn new techniques and hopefully get better at drawing my own girls 😀

Thanks for checking out my blog and HAVE A GREAT WEEK 😀😀😀😀😀







imageI think everyone would agree that time feels like it is passing at a faster & faster rate so I have made the decision to try to be more time conscious and organised which for me is a hard thing to do. In the past when I have tried to be organised and have a routine my days became more chaotic. This time though I am more determined I want to spend as much time on my art as possible.
I will control time and make it work in my favour. 😀

Nothing is perfect

I was so excited about Having a whole day to myself to do my art Friday.
By the end of the day though I felt the exact opposite.
I had immersed myself in my work but nothing I worked on came out perfect enough.
I was hoping to experiment and produce some work that was a bit different, change my style, change my girls faces and hair, do something different.
I looked up other artists work, my favourite being Jane Davenport, she makes drawing and painting girls look simple, but yes, I do know she has taken years to get to that stage of perfection in her work. I guess I just want instant perfection, even though I know that can’t happen and the so called, stuff ups, are part of the journey, part of gaining the experiences that you build on.
So all I can say to myself is to not judge my own work harshly, be kind to myself and give myself room to experience the joy of using art materials without being critical and expecting perfection while learning and I hope you all do the same.
Feel the joy of playing : )


Live Life


I was reading The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard and just felt I should share this with everyone.

“Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful moments. It is to be a grand, fully engaged, and unconditionally committed love affair with our daily experience. We are supposed to feel this and sense this, to engage with whatever appears in front of us with awareness and enthusiasm, joyfully unwrapping the gifts that fate has chosen to bring. ”

(An excerpt from The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard pge.229 copyright 2014)


My Very First Post

Where do I start? This is all new to me and I’ve wanted to do this years ago, and in fact have had this semi-set up for many years I just have not had the courage to take that first BIG step and hit the visible button.

Finally I am going to take a very deep breath and dive in.

I hope you will all persevere with me as I find my bearings and get the hang of this…..and please….fell free to leave comments with your hints, and tips and please tell me what you think.

Wish me luck 😊