Nothing is perfect

I was so excited about Having a whole day to myself to do my art Friday.
By the end of the day though I felt the exact opposite.
I had immersed myself in my work but nothing I worked on came out perfect enough.
I was hoping to experiment and produce some work that was a bit different, change my style, change my girls faces and hair, do something different.
I looked up other artists work, my favourite being Jane Davenport, she makes drawing and painting girls look simple, but yes, I do know she has taken years to get to that stage of perfection in her work. I guess I just want instant perfection, even though I know that can’t happen and the so called, stuff ups, are part of the journey, part of gaining the experiences that you build on.
So all I can say to myself is to not judge my own work harshly, be kind to myself and give myself room to experience the joy of using art materials without being critical and expecting perfection while learning and I hope you all do the same.
Feel the joy of playing : )



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